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Consultation for free

chat Describe which video or any other order you need and insert an inquiry for free. Our professional creators will send you several schemes of the video, from which you can choose. We will shoot and process the video in time for a price we’ll together agree on.



Videos are spreading through the internet as fast as they can. Today they are the way to excel against your competitors, tomorrow they will be automatic, as it is to have a visiting card and a webpage. We promote effective access to the videos: we always calculate the price and the quality so you could earn as much as it’s possible.

Photo services

photo_cameraWe offer a huge spectrum of photographic services under one roof. Every single task we approach individually and with maximal care. We want your products to get a new format and your services and products to have professional quality – this is our purpose.

Educational videos

cameraWe will propose a screenplay and make your educational video from short funny spots to complete series of shows.

Company videos

camera_roll We specialize on making of company and product videos: we will help you with creating an original story and we offer the whole solution.

Promotional spots

theatersWe offer professional approach and outstanding treatment, which respects modern trends.

Live relays

mic We offer live relays through the internet in HD quality, placeable on any web, viewable on all devices. We also make filming of any happenings: corporate meetings, seminars, trainings, teambuildings and other cultural events.

Branding and the image of your company


We create professional branding of any companies. Thanks to the online ambience knowledge we know how to use the synergies of your logo, fonts, graphic elements etc. so they could be used the most effective way in online and offline environment. Even websites need some make-up!

Social networks administration

verified_userWe know the algorithms which the individual social networks work on. Thanks to this we can effectively set up every status so you could achieve your goals, doesn’t matter if it’s about sales or building a brand.


Organic indexing in search engines

search We know the principles that search engines work on (e.g. Google, Thanks to that we can properly set the content on your pages, so search engines would show it in the first places and you would better speak to your clients.

Deep analysis of online communication

find_in_page We will analyse the results of your present online communication, identify the mistakes and reveal the hidden potential. This all with comparison to your key rivals and inspiration from your foreign equivalents.

Internet monitoring

timelineThrough our tools we can observe anything that happens on the public domain internet. E.g. all comments about your company that were written on Facebook, all news from media or everything that’s written about your competition across the market.

About us

To get the attention of customers these days is harder and harder.

Our team is established from professional cameramans, photographers and marketing
specialists. We take an interest in a huge spectrum of social sites or advertising
campaigns for companies and businessmen. With love we will take care of multinational
company as well as of beginning shop with socks. We offer creative, attractive and
strategic online marketing moves, connected to particular services and products:
Off with boring adverts!
We orientate in online marketing for over 10 years.
We work in whole Czech Republic, Slovakia and Austria.
We are here to help you – with friendly approach and maximal care.


Are you a graphic artist, a cameraman, a photographer, a sound engineer or an animator, do you create something or cut videos? Are you creative? Have you something to offer?
Don’t hesitate and join us!

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